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Motorised and Manual Positioning Stages


MAG-LOK Electrically Controlled, High Precision X / Y Glide Stages. Mag-Lok is the only workstation you will ever need for quality:

  1. Inspection
  2. Rework
  3. Assembly
  4. Measurement of SMT solder paste
  5. Repair
  6. Touch-Up
  7. Component sampling

...and many, many more applications

Designed to be used in conjunction with virtually any make of visual inspection aid including Vision systems, CCTV’s, free-standing microscopes and magnifiers.

Major Features

  • Ultra fine glide rails to ensure smooth movement in X/Y and diagonal axis
  • Electrically braked positioning using 2 button operator controls stops and holds the subject
  • Up to 300 mm of movement (Optional fine tune facility with Mag-Lok Plus)
  • Quality built with hardened, anodised aluminium platform, anti static protected work surface & ground
  • Stable, anti skid, balanced supports guarantees sure footing on any tabletop
  • Low profile
  • 24V power supply for safe operation
  • CE approved


  Surface Area (Sq)
& Footprint
Area of
X/Y Axis
Fine Tuning
Mag-Lok 250 (360x360) 961cm (100”) 250mm(10”) N/A
Mag-Lok 250 Plus 961cm (100”) 250mm(10”) +/- 20mm
Mag-Lok 300 (410x410) 1600cm (256”) 1600cm (12”) N/A
Mag-Lok 300 Plus 1600cm (256”) 1600cm (12”) +/- 20mm

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