Solder Paste Inspection

Non-contact solder paste precision measuring

Z-Check 500

Z-Check 500 is the low cost manual, non-contact thickness measuring instrument for the fast and accurate measurement of Solder Paste, Adhesives (Glue), Components and Leads. The high precision measuring mechanism, with a measuring range of 10mm, makes Z-Check 500 ideally suitable in any production or laboratory environment.

Please note that details may vary from those shown in the photograph.

Major Features

  • 3 micron typical accuracy in Z axis measurement
  • White light source
  • Base
  • Monochrome monitor
  • Competitively priced


Magnification x50. Options available
Digital Readout 0.001mm (0,0001inch)
Projector Lamp 6V. 1.2 Amp. Tungsten
Surface Illuminator 6V. 1.2 Amp. Tungsten
Max Sample Height 10mm (0,4 inch)
Throat Depth 240mm (9.5 inch)
Aluminum Base Size 500mm x 500mm (20 x 20 inch)
CTV 1/2” CCD Camera. 9” monochrome monitor
Power 240V AC 50/60Hz. - 110V AC 50/60Hz. (optional)

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